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"In instrumental drawing, as in all phases of his professional development, the engineer should strive to achieve a high degree of knowledge and skill, working on his own to fill the unavoidable gaps in his formal education. Standards of quality and accuracy should be as high as possible, commensurate with the nature of the assignment and the time allowed for its completion. Unskilled and indifferent work on the drawing board is unworthy of either the aspiring or practicing engineer."
"One might as well inquire, is it worth the time required to put on a clean shirt, to have the suit pressed and the shoes shined, or to brush the hair?"
Engineering Graphics, Robert H. Hammond, Carson P. Buck, William B. Rogers, Gerald W. Walsh, Jr., and Hugh P. Ackert, 2 nd Ed., Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company, Huntington, NY, 1979

lignumCAD is a tool for designing furniture. Its primary features will be:

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